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Computer Goggles 2020, photography

This application captures the world like an algorithm sees it. Below is a picture of me taken with the app.

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FitArt 2020, group show with Roehrs & Boetsch, Zurich

FitArt provides art shows on your phone in the form of a fitness plan. The application is designed as a series of workouts, featuring exercises created by artists: Petra Cortright, JODI, Olia Lialina, Constant Dullaart, exonemo, Elisa Giardina Papa, Lauren Huret, Molly Soda, Jeremy Bailey, Sam Lavigne, Jillian Mayer, Evan Roth, Sebastian Schmieg and Damjanski.

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Contagion Post human - Trailer 2020, video @ Tropez, Berlin

Contagion post human - Trailer is a trailer for the upcoming full Contagion post human movie (1h 46min). It's part of the series called Post human media.

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Public Viewing: Contagion Post human - Trailer 2020, performance

A public viewing of the Contagion Post human - Trailer during the pandamic in New York.

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Post human dogs 2020, photography

Post human dogs is a new series that I started during the COVID phase here in New York. Every day I try to make 5k steps to stay healthy and sane. During my walks I realized that the almost deserted city resembles my Bye Bye Camera (www.byebye.camera) pictures that I have been taking since last year – no humans on the streets. During my walks I came across dog owners. The application uses neural networks to erase humans from the picture but the camera keeps the human traces as well as the dogs. I compare these visual traces to surreal artifacts of a speculative scenario that is post-human.

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humans not invited - IRL 2020, installation @ Roehrs & Boetsch, Zurich

The installation Humans Not Invited - IRL is a physical manifestation of the permanently available online performance, Humans not invited, which is a reversed CAPTCHA that filters out humans and is only accessible to bots.

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Post human media 2020, video

This is the original Contagion trailer without humans. More coming soon.

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Nude study 29 2019, photography @ CADAF, Miami

'Nude study 29' was part of the CADAF fair during Art Basel in Miami. This piece is part of a new series called 'Nude studies' where I explore photography with the Bye Bye Camera.

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liberty 2019, photography @ a2p, online

This piece was part of the a2p online exhibtion curated by Casey Reas, Rick Silva, Addie Wagenknecht and exonemo.

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MoMAR 2019, gallery @ MoMA New York

The group show 'Open to the public' brings together four artists: exonemo, Erin Ko, Akihiko Taniguchi and Manuel Rossner.

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We wanted flying cars 2019, installation @ NEW INC & ON CANAL, New York

This installation was part of the New Museum's incubator's group show "Digital Humanism".

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Bye Bye Camera 2019, photography

The Bye Bye Camera app is the camera for the post-human era. Every picture you take automatically removes any person.

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Natural selection 2019, ongoing performance series @ ON CANAL, New York

The project investigates ideas of collaboration with AI. Exploring the subject of thinking processes, I created an AI trained on archived MoMA exhibition statements. The exhibition comprises a headset where people can interact with the AI to create and print new exhibition statements.

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Do you understand what all that smartness means? 2018, performance @ Pioneer Works, Brooklyn

Two of laptops holding a conversation through Google’s smart reply function.

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Unterwasser Klang Installation Nr. 1 2018, performance @ Tropez, Berlin

The work consists of underwater speakers and live sounds from Hawaii's deepsea mixed with sounds of laser dolphins.

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age-gate with attitude 2018, online performance

An opinionated age verification system.

Experience here

MoMAR 2018, gallery @ MoMA New York

'YouTube Artifacts' the first MoMAR solo exhibition brings together eight Youtube Artifacts created by David Kraftsow’s Youtube Artifact Bot

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No Shutter 2018, photography

The No Shutter app only takes pictures while the iPhone shutter is loading.

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One: Number 1281912112811950 2018, gif @ MoMAR, New York

A hybrid character of Jackson Pollock, the artist, and Ed Harris, the actor who played him.

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Troll Candy 2018, installation @ SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York

Troll Candy is a product sold in a bubble gum machine. People can buy delicious looking candy for a quarter but instead of receiving the ones on display they are served Troll Candy. It’s a piece of candy with the troll meme smile on it and it tastes bitter.

MoMAR 2018, gallery @ MoMA New York

An unauthorized gallery concept aimed at democratizing physical exhibition spaces, museums, and the curation of art within them. MoMAR is non-profit, non-owned, and exists in the absence of any privatized structures. MoMAR uses Augmented Reality to overlay art onto existing artwork and frames housed in museums and gallery spaces around the world. It’s also open source.

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three times time 2018, online performance

Three different definitions of time.

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humans not invited 2018, online performance

A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) that filters out humans and only lets programs pass. This is the first iteration of a system that I am working on.

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two times time 2018, video performance

Two different definitions of time.

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not human 2018, cover art

In collaboration with David Kraftsow and his youtube artifact bot we created the cover for elegant slims.

Listen to the song here

what am I pretending today? 2018, browser extension

The extension replaces in Facebook the most displayed question ‘What’s on your mind?’ with how most of the people answer the question in reality: ‘What are you pretending today?’.

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blow_hot_and_cold 2017, installation @ Import Projects, Berlin

The work consists of a life-size politician mounted to a flag pole surrounded by eight fans connected to twitter. Each fan represents an opposing political opinion currently dividing the political landscape. blow_hot_and_cold exhibited during the German federal election 2017 when the dividing opinions included social justice, refugee reception, EU exit and the ‘Energiewende’.

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biased_portraits 2017, portraits

Portraits shot with Pinterest's Lens.

More portraits here

Sie liebt mich, sie liebt mich nicht 2017, online performance

The work consists of two analogue bots that posted comments on my Instagram post of a daisy flower. The bots would alternately post comments of “She Loves Me” and then “She loves me not.” This was done until Instagram detected the bots and shut it down. The last comment determined the results.

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damjanskA.i. 2017, online performance

An A.i. called damjanskAi that developed an appreciation for art.

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Around the world and dot in red 2017, online performance

A livestream is started in New York and is rebroadcast live from Lisbon, then to Berlin, then to Belgrade, then to Los Angeles and finally returned to New York. This creates an infinite loop of live streams that circle the world with a dot in red. It's the 3rd piece of the series It's just all now.

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Present Memories 2017, portrait

Experience here

3472242391 and hand in red 2017, online performance

A phone and a red hand in a live stream and everybody can call it and talk to the visitors of the website. It's the 2nd piece of the series It's just all now.

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Bees and herring in red 2017, online performance

It's the first piece of the series It's just all now. and consists of a Facebook live stream of Damjanski's Twitter live of Damjanski's Instagram live of Damjanski's Youtube live of his Facebook live... and a herring in red. The appearance of the herring in red in the live streams is connected to real world happenings that appear within his feeds outside of the live streams.

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blow_hot_and_cold 2016, installation @ IMAGE, Brooklyn

The work consists of a life-size politician mounted to a flag pole surrounded by eight fans connected to twitter. Each fan represents an opposing political opinion currently dividing the political landscape. blow_hot_and_cold premiered during the U.S. election 2016 when the dividing opinions included gun laws, climate change, health care, and abortion.

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Sellfie 2015, website

Sellfie raises questions about value when it comes to releasing our data, information and photos publicly.

Unfortunately, I had to take the website down.

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#FiveForAll 2015, emoji

A proposal for a high five for equality.

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Full of Mistakes 2014, ongoing book project

A book that only contains mistakes submitted by people all over the world.

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Endless Porno Kisses 2014, website

This site contains non-explicit adult material of pornstars kissing.

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Not Viral 2014, website

Not Viral shows you a video nobody has seen before.

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Bible Me 2013, website

A personalized Bible that replaces every mention of God with your name.

The site is down but you can still experience it here

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