new media artist

co-founder and member of Do Something Good


Blow_hot_and_cold 2015, installation

The work consists of a life-size politician mounted to a flag pole surrounded by eight fans connected to twitter. Each fan represents an opposing political opinion currently dividing the political landscape: gun laws, climate change, health care, and abortion.

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Sellfie 2015, website

Sellfie raises questions about value when it comes to releasing our data, information and photos publicly.

Unfortunately, we had to take the website down.

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Full of Mistakes 2014, ongoing book project

A book that only contains mistakes submitted by people all over the world.

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Endless Porno Kisses 2014, website

This site contains non-explicit adult material of pornstars kissing.

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Not Viral 2014, website

Not Viral shows you a video nobody has seen before.

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Bible Me 2013, website

A personalized Bible that replaces every mention of God with your name.

The site is down but you can still experience it here

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